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Intro to Digital Photography

Useful Links

Class Items—The slide show & presenters notes

Slide Show (PDF): Best seen "full screen", improved from class slides of 11/6/14.
On Windows 7 this allows download. When it opens allow full screen if asked.

Presenters Notes (PDF): Full text (8 pages) of what was to be said in class. Because of time costraints at the class there is more information here than was presented on 11/6/14.

Help with definitions and terms

Camera Raw Formats: If you have a camera that saves a “Raw” format, which is essentially all the information the camera sensor has, not just the range that would fit in a JPG, you want software that understands your “Raw”.  In the case of Lightroom and Photoshop that is done through a “Camera Raw Plug-In”. Here are the cameras and formats Adobe supports which may be worth a look if you are thinking about buying the LR & PS bundle.

Digital Camera Dictionary: All the terms defined. This is from Steve's Digicams which is also one of my favorite sites for camera and gear reviews.

Megapixel Chart: shows you how many megapixels you need for different sized prints

Refresh on Megabytes: Terabytes, Petabytes and on and on--this is a good chart

Links that supplement the presenters remarks

Adobe for Lightroom & Photoshop: $9.99/month

DPReview Forum: I often go to this forum to get the "buzz" on an item or to pose a question. There are other forums that are useful as well, look for one just for your camera like the one on Pentax that I visit. Steve's Digicams also has an excellent forum. Both DPReview and Steve' Digicams have seperate groups for many manufacturers and their various camera models. Look for the forum for your camera or the one you are thinking of purchasing.

Smugmug Pro: a popular site for pros to display and sell photos (among many).

Storage in the Cloud: One of the big booms lately has lots of old line IT companies and new startups offering storage by linking to a server somewhere on the internet, generally called "The Cloud". Players include Dropbox— an early innovator, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and a bunch more. You can sort this out at this link. I have used Dropbox to share files, but I have not backed up to the cloud. I prefer the USB hard drive route for backup, so far.

Training: at CreativeLive, Class Catalog. I've bought several of their courses and have been happy with this Seattle based video instruction firm. See also, John Greengo's "Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014" and click the link there to see a free preview.

Transfer Photos from iPhone or iPad: Five ways to do it

Shopping Help, Reviews, Rental source

Digital Picture: these reviews cover fewer manufacturers, but allow comparisons between two cameras.

DP Review: has the best and most rigorous camera tests and reviews. It is my first choice to find a review on any camera of interest to me.

Gear Rental, Cameras, Lenses: (Canon, Pentax, Nikon) and Lighting: I have used this service twice and was extremely impressed both times with their prompt, accurate service.  Everything arrived exactly as expected, well packed, in perfect shape for exactly the price expected.

Pop Photo: good for lens charts and reviews for judging lenses, for example, this is a review on the 300mm Pentax prime tele I rented and enjoyed for capturing a few bird photos.

Steve's Digicams: Along with DP Review, one of my most frequented sites when shopping for cameras and lenses.

Canada goose and goslings with lens used to capture the image

The Family Cruise and the lens used, a Pentax 300mm f/4 SMCP-DA* ED IF SDM AF
©2012 Sugarloaf Studios (Geese), Photo by Ron Potter. Lens photo from Pentax.

Page Modified: 20 June 2015